Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey guys,

today I want to write a little bit about my absolutely favourite perfume Prada Candy.
I got a tester last year before christmas at Douglas and I directy fell in love with the scent.
Since then I ran everytime when I was in the city to the tester, smelling this incredible fragrance.
Finally, at my birthday this year, my best boy offered me the perfume and my life was safed! :-))
It is a combination box with the 50 ml bottle of perfume and a body lotion what is packaged in a pink box like you see in the following picture:
It's a perfect box that represents the sweet, oriental flavour of the perfume. You open the box by lifting the top and tadaaa -  here it is - the fragrance and the body lotion.
 I still cannot believe that I'm really the owner of this stuff, but yes, I am and I appreciate it so so much! Thank you JP for this amazing gift!

The official description describes the smell as caramel. The first time smelling it, I thought at cotton candy from the fun park. Like this is sugar... yes I can certify the caramel smell.
The scent lasts nearly half a day until I have to refresh it. Honestly, I expected it to lasts a little longer because of the high price.
The body lotion is creamy and I like having it on my skin, smelling like I was the cotton candy myself. :-)

In general, I love the product and aside from the fact that you have to refresh the smell once per day, you get with the fragrance an amazing product. It's a fragrance you can use on special occasions like christmas, birthdays, holidays in general... The last time I used it for the wedding day of friends and the smell makes you and your outfit completely individual.

So, for the case you'll buy it... Have fun! =)

Do you know the scent? How do you like it? Do you recommend other fragrances?


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