Monday, August 10, 2015

My Everyday Summer Makeup Look

Hey guys,

for me, summertime means wearing a natural and nude makeup. Especially on hot summer days I'm thankful for heaving a light feeling on my skin and I'd like to share my favorite summer makeup products with you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

SWR 4 Schlager-Sommernacht
Benefizveranstaltung des Fördervereins Lützelsoon

Hallo ihr Lieben,

diesen Post möchte ich gerne in meiner Muttersprache verfassen, da der Förderverein Lützelsoon, über den ich berichten werde, ein deutscher Verein ist. 

Vergangenen Sonntag hatte ich die Ehre an der +SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz Schlager-Sommernacht im Kurpark in Bad Münster am Stein teilzunehmen. Die Benefizveranstaltung wurde von dem Förderverein Lützelsoon "Hilfe für Kinder in Not und deren Familien e.V." organisiert. 
Herbert Wirzius ist der 1. Vorsitzende des Fördervereins.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Must-Have Nail Polishes for Summer 2015

Hey guys,

for me summer is this time of the year when you spend as much time as you can outside in the sunshine or enjoying mild summer evenings on the balcony. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Van in New York City (2)
Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty

Hey guys, 

in my last post I've talked about my visit in Central Park. So let's take a look at my further experiences in New York.

Walking over Brooklyn Bridge 


The Brooklyn Bridge connects the district of Brooklyn with Manhattan crossing the East River. It was completed in 1883 and became directly to an emblen for the city New York. Its length is around 1.9 km.

So which way is the best to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge - starting in Manhattan oder starting in Brooklyn? As me and the bf wanted to have the view at the Skyline of Manhattan we've chosen the second possibility. Unfortunately, we didn't have more time to explore Brooklyn instead of the way from the subway station to the Brooklyn Bridge, but hey - you always need reasons why you have to go back on holidays, don't you? :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What's in my Everyday Makeup Bag

Hey guys,

in this post I show you what's inside my everyday makeup bag. I'm always interested in the most favorite or the most used procuts of other women and I'd like to share mine with you.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Van in New York City (1)
Visiting Northamerica

Hey guys,

I still can't believe that it happend and that I've been to NYC. I wanted to visit the city that never sleeps for such a long time and finally, I had the chance to do so.

I've experienced so great things abroad and I'm still completely overwhelmed of all the impressions and adventures there. Because there's so much stuff I'd like to tell you, I've decided to split the posts into several parts and topics.

Starting with the northern part of Manhattan - or New York - because people say that when they talk about 'New York', they talk about 'Manhattan'.

Picnic in Central Park

Monday, June 22, 2015

Visiting Northamerica Part 1 - Toronto

Hey guys,

I'm back from my conference and my holidays in the US and I can't wait to tell you what I've experienced abroad.

After landing on North American ground I still couldn't believe that everything was real. I was totally excited to get to know the people and the lifestyle of another continent, to experience how it feels having jetlag, how it feels to pay with another currency... all these things that many of you might have experienced before. But for me everything was totally new.
Not to forget, to all this excitement, there was the thing that I had to give a talk about my work at a huge conference. Luckily, my boyfriend could take holidays too and he went with me  - so, here we go!
Arrived in Toronto with the bf!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Street Food Festival Mainz

Hi everybody,

I've heard a lot about Street Food Festivals in the internet and finally, last weekend there was one in my hometown.

So, off we go!

Friday, May 15, 2015

What I got for my Birthday 2015

Hello everybody,

I hope you all feel well and ready for summer to come.
In April, we've had some nice and warm days here in Germany also on my birthday that was at the end of April.
Things getting more organized after I've moved back to me and my boyfriends flat at the end of March and I'm finding more time to get back to my loved hobby.

I'd like to show you my birthday presents - I must have been a very nice girl - they are all so amazing! 

If you've read my last post telling you that I've big news , you know that I'll visit New York City very soon. My amazing boyfriend and his family offered me a sightseeing flight in New York. I'm so excited. I've once been flying with a  helicopter  when I was around seven years old in Hungary together with my mum. I do not remember so much but what I'll never forget is this feeling that I've had being in the air. So I can't wait to do this again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Big News: Conference Talk, Toronto, NYC

Hey guys,

do you remember my first post of 2015? I've told you about my weekend-relationship.

Things are changing, so I'm moving back to the shared flat with my boyfriend! I'm really excited. For a quite long time, I've thought about if I should really move back and commuting again?!
Finally, I've decided on it. There were several reasons, on the one hand I was tired of organizing two kind of lifestyles what let me feel under pressure. On the other hand I was sick of having these completely stressful weekends. When you are only at home for two days there are so many things to plan and organize in such a short time that no free time for yourself remains.
So this is my point of view, I'm sure that there are a lot of people going well with this kind of lifestyle but my life situation at the moment doesn't allow me to do this.

As physisict I've learned that when you want to characterize an experiment, first of all it's important to change only one parameter to identify clearly the potential correlations. Transferring this behaviour to my personal lifestyle I can say: If I want to figure out how to be happier again, I'll move back to me and my boyfriends flat. The difference to my lifestyle situation before living in two flats is that I'll now go by car to work, whereas before I've traveled by train.

Going by car gives me the chance to decide on my own if I'll stay five minutes longer at work or not, whereas going by train gave me a time limit. If something unexpected happend at work that would have let me stayed longer I couldn't make it because 'I had to catch my train and hurry up. So I'm sure this change now will let me feel much more relaxed! :-)

Concerning work, amazing stuff happend. I'm allowed to present my work in a talk at a really big, international conference. The conference takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in June. Guys, you can't believe how excited I am. I've never been to any place outside of Europe before and I've never flight more than one hour. Additionally, I have the opportunity to extend my stay overseas. I've decided to stay one week longer and to visit New York City. Whoop, whoop!
I still can't believe, that I'll stand with both feet on American ground this year. I've dreamt for so long of me visting NYC.
My first travel essentials.
And, there's more to it than that. My boyfriend will come along with me! Yaay!
Have I mentioned that I still can't believe......? ;-)

So, until then there's a lot of work to do like preparing my talk, preparing our NYC visit, booking all the hotels and applying for all necessary documents.

Until now I can say that the year 2015 seems to be very turbulent and exciting. Let's see what happens!
Have you ever visited NYC? Do you have any recommendations for me like which things do to, where to go shopping, where to have dinner/breakfast/lunch? I'd be very glad about your help!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hot or Not? Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Makeup

Hey guys,

Maybelline came out with a new makeup - the fluid Dream Wonder Nude Makeup. And who couldn't wait to try it? Yes, me! Let's go on!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baking with Van: Cookies with White Chocolate and Cranberries

Hey guys,

it's baking time again! This time I was in the mood for baking some nice and tasty cookies.
By the way, white chocolate is my absolutley favorite sort of chocolate.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Zoeva Cosmetics:
Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette - The Princess Palette

Hey guys,
oh my gosh - do you know what happend?

My absolute favorite brand +ZoevaCosmetics came out with a new eyeshadow palette in my absolute favorite color rosegold! How great is that! 
The palette is called 'Rose Golden' with the apposition 'The Princess Palette.'
The Rose Golden palette is available since 23th of February in the Zoeva Online Shop(*) for 17.50 €.
While stocks last Zoeva adds two samples of eyeshadow primer, 'Pearl' and 'Matte'. The sample 'Pearl' is recommended as base for shimmery eyeshadows or as a highlighter on the brow bone while the primer 'Matte' is recommended as base for matte eyeshadows.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hot or Not? - Hair Primer:
John Frieda Frizz Ease Anti-Frizz Primer vs. Schwarzkopf got2b Anti-Frizz Lotion

Hey guys,

since I've read so many promising things about hair primer I was curious to test one. So I went on the mission to figure out if this stuff is really worth the hype.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Nail Polish Collection

Hey guys,

last weekend I was just reorganizing all my nail polishes and I've decided to share my collection with you. I myself was a little bit surprised how many colours I've collected. ;-)

Here they are - my amazing nailpolishes:

1) Manhattan Nail Polish

Only Collection (left, top)
Bonnie Strange and M Collection (center, top)
Viva Collection (left, bottom)
Lotus Effect, Bloggers Choice, Birthday Colours and Sexy Plexy Collection (center, bottom)
Manhatten Quick Dry Collection (right)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

ZOEVA Cosmetics: Smoky Palette and Rodeo Belle Palette Review

Hey guys,

well, if you have read my review on the +ZoevaCosmetics Rose Golden Luxury Set, you know that I'm a huge fan of the brand. I've mentioned that you will soon see the other products and here they are! Recently, I've bought two eyeshadow palettes, 'Smoky' and 'Rodeo Belle'. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

Hey guys,

do you like Valentine's day and do you celebrate it?

Personally, I don't attach so much importance to the day because I think that you can show your love every day of the year how much you love him/her. My boyfriend and I don't make a gift to each other, but we always spend the day together in case it's possible.

But sometimes I'm in the mood to prepare some special treats because I like being creative and I like to make people smile.

I've chosen some cute Valentine's day ideas that I want to show you.

1. Patch Cake

For this you bake two cakes, exactley the same recipe with the addition that you color one dough red. When the red cake comes out of the oven and is cooled down you can slice it and cut heart shapes out. You can use a shape like you do for baking christmas cookies. 
Next, fill your cake pan partly with the non-colored dough, set the red heart shapes along the cake pan, fill it up with the leftover dough and put it in the oven again. 
After cooling down, you can put come chocolate coating on the cake like I did.
Slice the cake and you have your finished result! 
Not all slices looked so good like these in the following pictures. At some parts of the cake the hearts slided from the bottom to the top of the cake - I don't know why. ;) 
Anyhow, I think this looks amazing and is a really cute cake to eat with your love on Valentine's day!

2. Granola Cookies

This tasty snack idea is really easy to make. You roast some granola and mix it with butter and honey that you get a sticky mixture. Use the heart shapes again and fill them up with granola on a prepared baking sheet covered with baking paper. Put everything in the freezer for around 15 minutes and enjoy your snacks with berries, yogurt, whipped cream or whatever you like! :-)

3. Fortune Cookies

Who doesn't like reading the little messages in the fortune cookies after an asian dinner? With this idea you can write little messages and notes for your love. You just need some paper and small notes, that's all. Cut circles out of the paper and prepare your little messages. I've used one of my +Starbucks Coffee cups as pattern for the circles because they have a relatively huge diameter. 
Take the notes and start folding the fortune cookies like in the picture below. Take the first three to five cookies as test cookies until you are practised enough. I left the paper with the butterflies out because it was too thin. I recommend using thick paper for folding the cookies. It will be much easier.
Put all fortune cookies in a nice box and make your sweetheart happy!
I hope you like these ideas. If you try some, send me a picture. I'm excited to see yours!

What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Do you have presents for your sweetheart?


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meeting Alex Goot and Luke Conard

Hey guys,

last friday was the day for that I've waited nearly three years!
I've been to the +alexgoot concert in Frankfurt, Germany, whoop whoop!

In October last year he announced his Europe Tour in January 2015 and who ordered directly two V.I.P tickets? Yes, me, Van! :-)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Baking with Van - Carrot Cupcakes

Hey guys,

let's bake some 'healthy' cupcakes together!

Having way too many carrots at home, I've decided to bake some carrot cupcakes.
And I have to admit, these were my first cupcakes ever - until then I've just baked muffins.
So let's call it an experiment and let the show begin. :-D

What do we need first? Exactly...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Get Ready With Me: A Winter Wedding

Hey guys,
last weekend I've been to a winter wedding and not only the month 'Januar' defined it being one. Luckily, the bridal couple could celebrate their amazing day in a wonderful snowscape. 

All guests had to struggle a lit bit to arrive safely at the wedding because of slippery roads. Apart from that, it was a challenge to choose a proper outfit. Especially for all women the challenge was to look amazing, to wear high heels and to do not freeze. ;-)
At the end I can say it was a perfect day, for the bridal couple as well as for the guests. 

I want to share with you how I got ready and I give you some insights of the wedding location.

I decided to wear a knee-length dress, with a narrow cut at the chest passing over to a falling skirt. You may recognize it from my Winter Haul.
The dress I've worn to the wedding.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Winter Beauty and Fashion Haul

Hey guys,

it might be that I did some successful shopping in December and January. :-)

Do you wanna see which things I've bought? So, let's take a look. 

Starting with the beauty stuff...

Some of you might guess - Van is a +ZoevaCosmetics - Fan, right! 
So besides the amazing Rose Golden Luxury Set on that I did a review, I got some more products like the Rodeo Belle(*) and Smoky(*) eyeshadow palette, the Luxe Color Blush(*) in the colour 'He Loves Me Maybe' and the Lip Crayon+(*) in the colour 'Second Chance'. 
I'm a kind of person I love creative names for beauty products and, being honest, sometimes I buy a product because of the name. ^^ Yes for sure, I like the products anyhow, I do not buy anything that I couldn't imagine to use. I really like the name 'He Loves Me Maybe', giving this blush-colour this 'Hm I'm a little bit shy, but anyhow I'm a self-confident woman' - expression. Great!
My wonderful collection of Zoeva products.

Monday, January 19, 2015

ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set

Hey guys,

may I introduce my newest purchase to you? - The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set!

Since I'm a huge fan of make-up brushes - and if you have read my last post on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, you know that I love rosegold-coloured things - it was beyond all question that I had to buy this gorgeous set!

The set includes eight rosegold brushes and a brown elegant leather-imitated clutch (size 24 x 18 cm).
The eight Zoeva brushes of the Rose Golden Luxury Set.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3 Review

Hey guys,

this year at christmas I was a lucky girl - I got the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette as a gift from my partens. Since summer 2014 the brand is released in Germany and you can buy it at Douglas for around 50 €.

I've read a lot of blog posts of the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes before, telling that the pigmentation of the different eyeshadow colours is great and that the colours last the whole day. Even without primer the shades might show their true colour. So, let's check it out. ;-)

I own some eyeshadow palettes and until then I was every time a little bit disappointed even because of their lacking pigmentation. So I was more and more excited to get a Urban Decay product.

Monday, January 12, 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014

Hi guys,

I'm a little bit sad, that the christmas holidays went by so fast. At the end of november I start to get excited for christmas, I visit christmas markets, bake christmas cookies, decorate my flat, listen to christmas songs, go christmas shopping, all such things that you do during advent season.
Me, I always think that I have much time and I start planning events, like meeting friends for christmas dinner, having christmas parties but suddenly, it's one week before christmas and you realise that time has passed by and you have had time for nothing. ;-) Do you know this feeling?
So anyhow, I'm always excited for the christmas days and I try to enjoy very single minute with my family. It's this special kind of festive, loved, cozy feeling for that you're waiting the whole year.

I'd love to show you the presents that I got for christmas.

Starting with my parents, I got a very, very cozy blanket with sleeves. That means you can sit on the sofa with a cup of tea or coffee, reading a book and when you want to grab your cup you don't have to freeze because your arm is out off the blanket - how cool is that. :-D
As second present I got the Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 3 palette - oh yes !!! I wanted this palette for so so long. I love these rosegold colours so much. I did a review on it that you can read here.

My boyfriend's family gave me the new album of  Maroon 5 (V) and Cro (Melodie).  For those who don't live in Germany - Cro is a musician who combined pop music and rap music to 'RAOP'.
My boyfriends mother offered me the book 'The Glam Guide' from my favourite YouTuber +Fleur DeForce. It comes out the 12th of february and I still have to wait some while, but I'm OK with that.
A really nice and thoughtful present is a necklace chosen by his sister. It's a transparent medaillon, filled with real dandelions. I decided to take this amazing present as a talisman. Blowing dandelions in the wind means to me that you can give rein to your wishs.
My boyfriend offered me a calendar from Paperblanks. He gives me one every single year. Although I know before christmas that I will get a calendar it's still a surprise which cover he chooses and every single year I like it a lot and I'm happy with it. Another present I got are some warm and cozy bunny-slippers. I've seen some similar ones in the city before christmas which were so cute and I told him about them. Additionally I got a carrying bag with the Haribo logo and the new music album of Taylor Swift (1989). Since around two weeks I listen to her music every single day. I really like it, it's great for dancing and it makes a good mood. I still got something else that I will not mention here, you understand... ;-)
I also got some odds and ends like two bathbombs, an amazing hand cream from Rituals Cosmetics , a travelguide for New York and several gift coupons for Douglas. For those who don't know the store Douglas, it's comparable to Sephora.

What did you get for christmas 2014?


Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Cheeseburger Birthday Cake for my Boyfriend

Hey guys,

I'd like to share with you my idea for the birthday cake I've baked for my boyfriend last summer.
Yeah, you're right 'summer' is a while ago and we have 2015 right now, but hey, the idea is still great, so let's not pay attention to this. ;-)

So, since it was the 30th birthday of my boyfriend, I wanted to bake him something special. Until then I've just blowed some ideas like a cake with the logo of his favourite soccer club so I had to find a new one. Some blogs and YouTube videos inspired me to bake a cheeseburger cake. As he likes chesseburgers, I was sure he will love the cake. ;-)
I can tell you guys, this was so much fun to do.
The dough for the bottom and top of the burger is a lemon cake and for the burger meat I've chosen a receipe for chocolate brownies. 

Here are the single working steps:

1) I covered the bottom of the burger with marzipan. You can buy marzipan-covering especially for cakes. So you don't need to struggle with rolling out the marzipan. This is really no fun. ^^ 
2) Since it's a c-h-e-e-s-e-burger, we need some chesse. So that's easy to do. You buy some yellow food coloring and ... here comes the not so funny part... I'm sorry guys....we don't get out of rolling marzipan pieces out :-( ... we color the marzipan, yay. ;) This you do by kneading the marzipan as long until you are happy with its color. For rolling it out, I put some wrapping film around the marzipan. This helps you a lot because the marzipan doesn't stick on the rolling pin or the working surface. 
Then I've cut some cheese-shaped triangles and placed them beyond the edge of the cake bottom.
3) To replace the cucumber (the boyfriend hates them^^), I've decided to put also some green salad on the cheese, as known as green colored marzipan. I'm not sure if every cheeseburger is served with salad but hey, who cares ;)
I've used a cookie cutter that shape is the most similar to salad. Unfortunately you can hardly shape the marzipan by hand as you want to. It's not easy to work with marzipan, so I really respect all pastry cooks - you do a great job.
4) And now, ta da - well hello you yummi meat patty. Here in the picutre you see the bottom of my brownie cake but I really have to tell you... The receipe says that you should put additionally some chopped chocolate on top -  so the chocolate was still fluid in the middle of the brownie dough - that is the best thing - warm fluid chocolate - oh yes !
5) As second last step I colored some marzipan red and designed some tomatoes. The most people thought the red marzipan is salami. Hello?! Who puts salami on a burger? Even though these red circles seem like salami, shouldn't it be clear that I want to have tomatoes on the burger? ;-) What do you think? Does it really not look like tomatoes? Be honest, don't worry. ;-) The green pieces is left over salad.^^
6) And now -  the top of the burger, citron cake covered with marzipan. :-D
7) And to make it more look like a birthday cake, I've written the holy '30' on it. ;)

And here is the happy birthday boy:

So you can say, one piece of cheeseburger cake is similar to three pieces of other cake
(you can also see that the chocolate is still a little bit fluid) ;-)

 And this is the leftover cake:
Seems like it was very tasting (without praising myself). :)
I was really excited to offer the cake to my boyfriend - and I was a little bit proud of myself that my baking directly suceeded. I hadn't time to try it before.

Even if baking with marzipan is hard work, you can create such great things with it. I also have to admit, that my baking utilities are not very professional and I had to improvise sometimes, but I think that makes the work much more fun sometimes. ;)
The next time I want to try some fudge instead of marzipan. Did you ever use fudge? Is it easy to work with it?

Do you like baking and being a little bit creative like this? 
If you have any pictures , I would be happy to see them. :-)