Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Winter Beauty and Fashion Haul

Hey guys,

it might be that I did some successful shopping in December and January. :-)

Do you wanna see which things I've bought? So, let's take a look. 

Starting with the beauty stuff...

Some of you might guess - Van is a +ZoevaCosmetics - Fan, right! 
So besides the amazing Rose Golden Luxury Set on that I did a review, I got some more products like the Rodeo Belle(*) and Smoky(*) eyeshadow palette, the Luxe Color Blush(*) in the colour 'He Loves Me Maybe' and the Lip Crayon+(*) in the colour 'Second Chance'. 
I'm a kind of person I love creative names for beauty products and, being honest, sometimes I buy a product because of the name. ^^ Yes for sure, I like the products anyhow, I do not buy anything that I couldn't imagine to use. I really like the name 'He Loves Me Maybe', giving this blush-colour this 'Hm I'm a little bit shy, but anyhow I'm a self-confident woman' - expression. Great!
My wonderful collection of Zoeva products.
Oh, of course there are some more beauty products. I went to the drugstore with the intention to buy some washing powder (it's not in the picutre^^ ), and how did the story end? I got nailpolish, skincare, blush, mascara... typically for me... or I'm sure I can say - typically for women. ;-)

That's the stuff:
Douglas(*) Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel (christmas limited edition, I couldn't find it online, sorry)
Yves Rocher(*) Body Lotion Pear & Caramel (also a christmas limited edition, sorry guys)
Essence (*) 24h hand protection balm Vanilla & Cinnamon (no longer availabe in the online store, s-o-r-r-y ... but essence always comes out with great hand balms before christmas and as we all know, there will be christmas in 2015 :-D)
Manhattan Lotus Effect(*) (Edition Tender Touch, colour 50S)
Maybelline Color Show(*) (colours 'Glitter It' 293, 'Burgundy Kiss' 357, 'Pink Splatter' 12 edition Street Artist)
L'Oréal Set Volume Million Lashes Mascara(*) and Top Coat (I'm not sure if you can buy the single top coat, I bought the set some days before christmas in the flying range)
Yves Rocher Cream Make-up(*) (the little potty in the front, colour beige 100)

Until now, I'm happy with all purchased products. Concerning the lip balm I can say that it doesn't moisturize the lips for a long time. So I wouldn't rebuy it. It smells good and that's fine, but if you have really dry lips or want to hydrate your lips over night - I'd recommend using another product.
My drugstore purchase :-)
Let's go over to clothes.
I'm very happy with my new cardigan from Only(*) (left). I love the style and it keeps me really warm. I've worn it to a christmas party last year and I didn't freeze at all. So, that's a really unusual thing. 
Generally I'm freezing the w-h-o-l-e time... always and always, but when I say that something keeps warm - you can believe me. :-)
The dress in hoodie style is from s.Oliver(*) and I love it a lot. For me, it could be a little bit longer at the backside, but I'm a tall person so others will say the length is enough. With nontransparent tights it's fine.
Only cardigan and s.Oliver hoodie-dress.
The next picture shows a really great bargain at promod(*). The dresses were in sale, so I can't find them online anymore. I got both for 30€ - isn't that a big deal?! :-D
promod dresses.
And, what a woman always buys - yes - shoes. This time I got happy with some Nike(*) Sneakers. I was looking for those for so long. They are comfortable like hell, you walk in them like over clouds (do you say so in english?). Everytime I've tried some Nike's I thought my feet look like duck feet, so huge. But these didn't - happy, happy, happy. :-)
Nike Runner MD.
Last but not least, some souvenirs and a book! I'm collecting cups from +Starbucks Coffee (*) and I buy one in every city where I've been myself. That means I do not want any cups as souvenir from others. I want to travel all over the world and buy all Starbucks cups and then I want to have a room only filled with them. Wouldn't that be crazy? :-)
So, as you see I've been to Cologne and to Berlin for New Years Eve. I've also taken a magnet with pictures of Berlin with me and the book 'Gone Girl'(*). Unfortunately, I didn't had any time to start reading it :-(. Have you read 'Gone Girl' or did you see the movie? Do you like the story?
The souvenir haul.

In my life, there will be no shopping without drinking a coffee at Starbucks. Just, that you know. :-)
Do you like Starbucks? Which coffee do you order?
My absolute favourite coffee shop. :-)



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    1. Thank you! The colors are really great. Do you have Zoeva products?

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    1. Thank you! I did also a review on it if you like to read it:

      They are really amazing - I love the quality.