Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Job, Weekend-Relationship....?!

Hey you all,
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! I hope you all had a good start in a great year!

How did you celebrate the beginning of 2015?
I've been in Berlin with my boyfriend and two amazing friends. We shared a flat all together which was really great. Every morning we had a cosy breakfast together before we went off to explore the city.
My boyfriend and I in Berlin (+)
Our yummi breakfast
We've been to Berlin several times before, so we knew all tourist attractions. Especially when you are in Berlin after the christmas holidays and before new years eve, the city is overloaded with people and you don't want to do all the tourist stuff. ;-)
But anyhow, a little bit of sightseeing is always intended.
On our way to the 'Reichstag', the plenary. (+)
The front view of the 'Reichstag'. (+)
The Brandenburg Gate (+)

Christmas decorations at the Sony Center.

The TV tower at Alexanderplatz.
On new years eve we had tickets for a location called 'Pier 13' near the Tempelhof harbour where we had some drinks and such a nice dinner. And later, to work out all the great food we had in the belly, there was a DJ playing very good dance music. ;-)
Frontview of Pier 13
The room with the dinner buffet and the dance floor. (+)
Only a small selection of the amazing food.
After midnight, the team of Pier 13 organised amazing fireworks, placed next to the harbour. By the way, it was a really romantic atmosphere, standing in the arms of your boyfriend, watching this great spectacle. I was really happy to celebrate in 2015 like we did.
Although it's not the best quality, a little impression of the fireworks. (+)
So here I am again, after such a long time without posting anything. I'm really sorry for that.
The reason is that I finished college and started a new job. This kind of lifestyle changing brought such a whirlwind in my life that I hardly had any time for myself, neither for all my private things to manage nor for my great hobby the cosmetics and my blog.
So please don't judge me for this.

During the week I live in a small flat-share in the city where I work and at the weekends I return to the flat that I share with my boyfriend. Yes, at the moment I have a weekend relationsship.
First, I was a little bit nervous how that lifestyle will change the relation to my boyfriend, but I've understood really fast that this brings also some advantages.
During the week, I have time for myself. Aside from focusing on work, I can organize my free time without making agreements. That means doing sports, meeting friends and colleagues, simply reading a book, watching movies my boyfriends doesn't like to watch (^^) and doing other girl-stuff.  So I "work off" the things during the week and at the weekend I focus on my relationship and spend the time together with my boyfriend.
Even though it sounds that I like this lifestyle and yes, there are some advantages, but I have to say that I'm really happy that it's limited. At the end of next year I'll move back to boyfriend and we'll move in a bigger flat. So, let's looking forward to this. :-)

What do you think about weekend-relationships and / or long-distance relationships? 
Do you think it's refreshing for your relationship when you see your partner only at the weekends or for example once a month or do you prefer having the opportunity to spend time with your love whenever you want to do?


P.s. (+)Thanks to my friends for sharing the photos of our trip.

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