Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Cheeseburger Birthday Cake for my Boyfriend

Hey guys,

I'd like to share with you my idea for the birthday cake I've baked for my boyfriend last summer.
Yeah, you're right 'summer' is a while ago and we have 2015 right now, but hey, the idea is still great, so let's not pay attention to this. ;-)

So, since it was the 30th birthday of my boyfriend, I wanted to bake him something special. Until then I've just blowed some ideas like a cake with the logo of his favourite soccer club so I had to find a new one. Some blogs and YouTube videos inspired me to bake a cheeseburger cake. As he likes chesseburgers, I was sure he will love the cake. ;-)
I can tell you guys, this was so much fun to do.
The dough for the bottom and top of the burger is a lemon cake and for the burger meat I've chosen a receipe for chocolate brownies. 

Here are the single working steps:

1) I covered the bottom of the burger with marzipan. You can buy marzipan-covering especially for cakes. So you don't need to struggle with rolling out the marzipan. This is really no fun. ^^ 
2) Since it's a c-h-e-e-s-e-burger, we need some chesse. So that's easy to do. You buy some yellow food coloring and ... here comes the not so funny part... I'm sorry guys....we don't get out of rolling marzipan pieces out :-( ... we color the marzipan, yay. ;) This you do by kneading the marzipan as long until you are happy with its color. For rolling it out, I put some wrapping film around the marzipan. This helps you a lot because the marzipan doesn't stick on the rolling pin or the working surface. 
Then I've cut some cheese-shaped triangles and placed them beyond the edge of the cake bottom.
3) To replace the cucumber (the boyfriend hates them^^), I've decided to put also some green salad on the cheese, as known as green colored marzipan. I'm not sure if every cheeseburger is served with salad but hey, who cares ;)
I've used a cookie cutter that shape is the most similar to salad. Unfortunately you can hardly shape the marzipan by hand as you want to. It's not easy to work with marzipan, so I really respect all pastry cooks - you do a great job.
4) And now, ta da - well hello you yummi meat patty. Here in the picutre you see the bottom of my brownie cake but I really have to tell you... The receipe says that you should put additionally some chopped chocolate on top -  so the chocolate was still fluid in the middle of the brownie dough - that is the best thing - warm fluid chocolate - oh yes !
5) As second last step I colored some marzipan red and designed some tomatoes. The most people thought the red marzipan is salami. Hello?! Who puts salami on a burger? Even though these red circles seem like salami, shouldn't it be clear that I want to have tomatoes on the burger? ;-) What do you think? Does it really not look like tomatoes? Be honest, don't worry. ;-) The green pieces is left over salad.^^
6) And now -  the top of the burger, citron cake covered with marzipan. :-D
7) And to make it more look like a birthday cake, I've written the holy '30' on it. ;)

And here is the happy birthday boy:

So you can say, one piece of cheeseburger cake is similar to three pieces of other cake
(you can also see that the chocolate is still a little bit fluid) ;-)

 And this is the leftover cake:
Seems like it was very tasting (without praising myself). :)
I was really excited to offer the cake to my boyfriend - and I was a little bit proud of myself that my baking directly suceeded. I hadn't time to try it before.

Even if baking with marzipan is hard work, you can create such great things with it. I also have to admit, that my baking utilities are not very professional and I had to improvise sometimes, but I think that makes the work much more fun sometimes. ;)
The next time I want to try some fudge instead of marzipan. Did you ever use fudge? Is it easy to work with it?

Do you like baking and being a little bit creative like this? 
If you have any pictures , I would be happy to see them. :-)



  1. Hey, that looks delicious :) I should try this one out, too :) How long does the preparation for this Hamburger-Cake take?

  2. Thank you! I recommend to schedule several hours for it, at least 3-4 hours including baking time. If you have never worked with marzipan before be sure to reserve some more time.
    Send me a picture if you want to, I'd be happy to see it. :-)

  3. Wow, your cake looked awesome!