Monday, January 26, 2015

Get Ready With Me: A Winter Wedding

Hey guys,
last weekend I've been to a winter wedding and not only the month 'Januar' defined it being one. Luckily, the bridal couple could celebrate their amazing day in a wonderful snowscape. 

All guests had to struggle a lit bit to arrive safely at the wedding because of slippery roads. Apart from that, it was a challenge to choose a proper outfit. Especially for all women the challenge was to look amazing, to wear high heels and to do not freeze. ;-)
At the end I can say it was a perfect day, for the bridal couple as well as for the guests. 

I want to share with you how I got ready and I give you some insights of the wedding location.

I decided to wear a knee-length dress, with a narrow cut at the chest passing over to a falling skirt. You may recognize it from my Winter Haul.
The dress I've worn to the wedding.

Concerning make-up I wanted to have the accent on my eyes using my Naked 3 palette while I've used a very light nude lipstick.
For accessoires I've chosen matching black and creamy-white colours for my earrings and necklace giving the outfit an accent wearing my rosegold Fossil(*) watch. I've painted my nails in a dark elegant red from Manhattan in the colour 57U(*). And because it was a very festive day, my outfit wouldn't be complete without using my absolutey favourite perfume Prada Candy.

Make-up and jewlery at the top, nailpolish and fragrance at the bottom.
My complete accessoire selection

Let's call it the 'No Make-up to Make-up Transformation'. ;-)

The outfit is complete - now let's go to celebrate with the bridal couple.
The wedding took place in a monastery. The interior was appointed with mirrors everywhere, burning candles and a warm, faint light creating a cozy atmosphere while it was cold and snowed in outside. 
A variation of the mirrors and candles that where everywhere to find at the wedding location.
After the wedding ceremony there was a cocktail reception in a small winter garden with served appetizers aside.
The snowscape outside (left) during the cocktail reception in the winter garden, having some appetizers (right).
Every guest had an assigned seat where a prepared gift was waiting for everybody. It was a small package filled with some Haribos. Oh yes, Van loves it ! :-D

The personalized gift at the table (left) and some winter candles as decoration (right).
The dining room was two-storied and I had the chance to sit at a table on the upper floor having an amazing overview over the whole room (and especially a direct view to the bridal couple ;-)). It was a pleasure looking at the bride in her wonderful dress. 
Do you also get a little bit emotional at those days? ;-)

My view from the upper floor (left) and the ground floor (right).
Dinner was also amazing. The starter was served at the table while the main course and the dessert were served at a buffet. Here you see the starter plate and a variation of the main course and the dessert.
The starters at the top, a variation of the main course and the dessert at the bottom.
Unfortunately, I didn't had the chance to take a picture of the wedding cake but finally I could catch one from one of the decoration roses. 
One part of the wedding cake decoration.
After midnight there was a fire-breather making a show outside in the snow. You could stand in the warm interior watching the spectacle outside. It was a perfect-matching location. At the end he inflamed a heart-figure. It was a little bit hard to get a good picture. Anyhow I'll show you my best one that you can get an impression of this breathtaking moment.
The inflamed heart.
I was very happy being part of this wonderful wedding.

Have you ever been invited to a winter wedding? Did you like it?



  1. I love the true match foundation! It's awesome and that naked palette looks divine!

    1. Thank you. I really love the Naked 3 palette. Do you have a Urban Decay product? If yes, do you like it?