Monday, January 12, 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014

Hi guys,

I'm a little bit sad, that the christmas holidays went by so fast. At the end of november I start to get excited for christmas, I visit christmas markets, bake christmas cookies, decorate my flat, listen to christmas songs, go christmas shopping, all such things that you do during advent season.
Me, I always think that I have much time and I start planning events, like meeting friends for christmas dinner, having christmas parties but suddenly, it's one week before christmas and you realise that time has passed by and you have had time for nothing. ;-) Do you know this feeling?
So anyhow, I'm always excited for the christmas days and I try to enjoy very single minute with my family. It's this special kind of festive, loved, cozy feeling for that you're waiting the whole year.

I'd love to show you the presents that I got for christmas.

Starting with my parents, I got a very, very cozy blanket with sleeves. That means you can sit on the sofa with a cup of tea or coffee, reading a book and when you want to grab your cup you don't have to freeze because your arm is out off the blanket - how cool is that. :-D
As second present I got the Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 3 palette - oh yes !!! I wanted this palette for so so long. I love these rosegold colours so much. I did a review on it that you can read here.

My boyfriend's family gave me the new album of  Maroon 5 (V) and Cro (Melodie).  For those who don't live in Germany - Cro is a musician who combined pop music and rap music to 'RAOP'.
My boyfriends mother offered me the book 'The Glam Guide' from my favourite YouTuber +Fleur DeForce. It comes out the 12th of february and I still have to wait some while, but I'm OK with that.
A really nice and thoughtful present is a necklace chosen by his sister. It's a transparent medaillon, filled with real dandelions. I decided to take this amazing present as a talisman. Blowing dandelions in the wind means to me that you can give rein to your wishs.
My boyfriend offered me a calendar from Paperblanks. He gives me one every single year. Although I know before christmas that I will get a calendar it's still a surprise which cover he chooses and every single year I like it a lot and I'm happy with it. Another present I got are some warm and cozy bunny-slippers. I've seen some similar ones in the city before christmas which were so cute and I told him about them. Additionally I got a carrying bag with the Haribo logo and the new music album of Taylor Swift (1989). Since around two weeks I listen to her music every single day. I really like it, it's great for dancing and it makes a good mood. I still got something else that I will not mention here, you understand... ;-)
I also got some odds and ends like two bathbombs, an amazing hand cream from Rituals Cosmetics , a travelguide for New York and several gift coupons for Douglas. For those who don't know the store Douglas, it's comparable to Sephora.

What did you get for christmas 2014?


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