Monday, January 19, 2015

ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set

Hey guys,

may I introduce my newest purchase to you? - The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set!

Since I'm a huge fan of make-up brushes - and if you have read my last post on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, you know that I love rosegold-coloured things - it was beyond all question that I had to buy this gorgeous set!

The set includes eight rosegold brushes and a brown elegant leather-imitated clutch (size 24 x 18 cm).
The eight Zoeva brushes of the Rose Golden Luxury Set.

Additionally it comes with a quality assurance, saying who prepacked the order and who wrapped it up for shipping it to me. For me, this gives the purchase a personal touch, expressing the appreciation of 'Zoeva' for their customers.
The delivered set including quality assurance.
Let's look closer at the different Zoeva brushes included in the set.

102 - Silk Finish - for applying foundation
106 - Powder - for applying powder, pressed or loose
110 - Face Shape - for contouring your face with powdery and creamy textures
127 - Luxe Sheer Cheek - for applying powdery rouge
142 - Concealer Buffer - for applying concealer
The five Zoeva face brushes.
227 - Luxe Soft Definer - for blending eyeshadow
231 - Luxe Petit Crease - for defining your crease
317 - Wing Liner - for creating a winged eyelid line
The three included Zoeva eye brushes.

The design and material of the Zoeva brushes

The holders of the brushes are designed in a matte-lacquered dark brown color, labeled with the number and name of the particular brushes and the company name 'Zoeva'. On the backside it says 'Color.Love.Makeup'. The letters are rosegold as well as the shell that combines the grip and the hairs, what gives the brushes a classy and glamorous appearance.
Frontview of one of the brushes. The model number and name are written in rosegold letters as well as the name 'Zoeva'.

The backside of the brushes, saying 'Color.Love.Makeup.'.
The hair itself is a mixture of fine, real hair and taklon bristles. Here, I want to insert a short explanation concerning the material 'taklon'. It's a synthetic fiber, mainly used by make-up artists and for painting. It has the characteristic that it's free of any protein and allergen elements and additionally it's free from any surface irregularities allowing a proper cleaning of the hair. Therefore, taklon is described as 'vegan'. The brushes 102, 106, 110, 142 and 137 include these synthetic bristles.

The quality of the clutch is first-class, even if it's no real leather. The zipper and the written logo on the frontside are rosegold as well. All brushes fit perfectly in it and you even have space for storing some more brushes inside if you want to.

My opinion on the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

I love the quality of the brushes, the hair is soft and the handling is great. 
Especially for eye-make-up it's important to have high-quality brushes providing the creation of a great eye-make-up look. There's no comparison to any other cheaper brushes from drugstores. So I'm totally fine with it having spent my money on this brush set.

The brushes work really well with powdery and creamy textures, like the description of the brushes promises. Besides, they dry fast after washing.

Including a clutch, the set prepares you for travelling. In my opinion it's an important fact having a bag where you can store your brushes during transport. And, looking at the price, you get eight high-quality brushes and(!) a clutch - what else could you want???

Besides two amazing eyeshadow palettes from 'Zoeva', were two other products from 'Zoeva' in my ordner, a blush and a lipstick, that you can see soon here on my blog. :-)

If you are interested in the set you can buy it in the Zoeva-Shop(*) for 65,00 €. The set was shipped to me within two days.

Do you have any products from Zoeva?  

At the end, for those who are interested, I've written my thoughts on the company.


Oh, just playing around ... ;-)

----- Why am I convinced of the brand Zoeva? -----

Here, I want to insert some of my thoughts concerning 'Zoeva'. I got aware of the company some months ago and I've regularly checked out their products. Since I've read a lot more about the company's background, I was convinced of their basic idea.

'Zoeva' is a german brand, founded in 2008. The name is a composition of 'ZOE' and 'EVA', whereat the first part comes from the greek word 'life' and the second part is related to the first woman Eva. The meaning of the brand's name explains the basic-idea of inspiring women to find their personal and individual beauty. 

I really like this, because for me this sense is like a motivation to experiment with make-up products, creating my own feminin look. It's an encouragement to be one the one hand more self-confident and on the other hand to express my passion for beauty products. In my opinion this is exactly pointed out by the words 'Color.Love:Makeup.'.

In addition, 'Zoeva' supports organisations like the DKMS(*), the Caritas Association of Frankfurt(*), Germany as well as 'Women against Violence' (bff)(*).

Me, I'm also supporting a organisation against cancer and I think there should be a lot more support from all over the world!  

Furthermore, 'Zoeva' sells their high-quality products to a really affordable price.

So, I'm not affiliated to write this. I'm writing this section because it's my own opinion about the company and I just want to tell you my point of view.


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