Monday, November 11, 2013

My Autumn Fashion Haul

Hi guys,

first, I know, you have not heard from me quite long and I'm very sorry for that. There were a lot of things going on and I hardly found time to sit down and write. I promise, I'll be better. :-)

Last week I found some hours for a shopping tour. Honestly, I have to say that I hardly own sweaters and cardigans keeping me warm during cold days. So I ran into the city, checking out the stores and I finally found a ton of stuff (Now, I don't have to freeze anymore, thank you God for that! :-) )

Starting my trip, I went to @TomTailor... And then it happens... the guy there told me that they have 20% off on every knit clothes (what the heck? Let's go and buy the store up!!!)
I was in the store (and mainly in the dressing room ^^) for around two hours (a huge thank you to my boyfriend having these patience :-D) and decided to buy two sweaters, a henley and a shirt. You see the clothes in the following pictures.
The two sweaters are so comfy and casual. They fit perfectly to jeans or a denim skirt. The week after, I wore them to work (and yes, I didn't freeze - yaaay) and I felt so so so good in them.
Some months ago I bought the henley in denim blue and I like it so much that I definitely wanted another colour. I like this kind of bordeaux colour so much, because it fits to a ton of different colours. You can wear it in a casual way to jeans with a scarf or a cardiagan, or to black trousers in a much more elegant way. The Ohio-Shirt was a present from my boy because he liked it so much. Thank u =)
Having finished the first stage successfully, I went to @VeroModa. Oh my gosh... I couldn't decide what I should buy and what I (have to(?)) leave in the store. I found so much stuff, because they have such a great choice of clothes. Finally, I forced myself to buy not more than two pieces (yes, I don't want to be poor, I just don't want to freeze^^). I found two cardigans that you see in the picture. How do you like them? I feel so comfortable wearing them. First I was afraid if the tissue is scratching on the skin, but definitely it doesn't #happy.
 Concerning accessory I found a really nice headband, that looks really Christmassy. At the moment I'm quite in a Christmas mood, altough there a still six weeks to go. But hey, in two weeks starts the Christmas market, so I think it's adequate to start feeling Christmassy. :-) Are you in a Christmas mood at the moment or do you think it's still to early?

Not to forget the feet, I found two pair of shoes. One pair is from @Esprit. The style is very similar to the @UGGs one. I have to confess, I don't like the style very much. With the shoes you look a little bit like a eskimo buuuut, they keep the feet so warm you'll definitely survive with them in the winter (especially when you'll visit your friend the eskimo =) ). I personally, will bless them going to the football stadium and fore sure, the christmas market.
The second pair is from @GilPeterson. These boots are very casual and it looks like you wear cuffs on your legs (what I like a lot). They keep your feet warm, not as warm as the eskimo ones but it's enough for all day shoes.
And... a little bit of make up should not be forgotten (I'm a woman, I need this stuff :-) ). I found some great nail polish, perfect for the autumn and winter days. At the moment, I'm in the mood wearing dark colours so I think these two colours fit perfect in my collection.
The nail polish from @Catrice is quite shimmery and beside using it as a nail polish you can use it as a top coat. I tried it as top coat with a nearly black nail polish and it looked amazing.
The nail polish from @Manhattan is a great dark red colour and I love it so much. I bought nearly the same colour last winter (and it's used up - so you see, I loved the colour :-)). I like the @Manhattan nail polish, because it's really easy to apply on your nails and it doesn't chip nearly a week (provided you use a top coat). I can say, nearly the main party of my nail polish collection is from @Manhattan.

Which nail colours do you prefer during the cold days?


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