Thursday, July 2, 2015

Van in New York City (2)
Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty

Hey guys, 

in my last post I've talked about my visit in Central Park. So let's take a look at my further experiences in New York.

Walking over Brooklyn Bridge 


The Brooklyn Bridge connects the district of Brooklyn with Manhattan crossing the East River. It was completed in 1883 and became directly to an emblen for the city New York. Its length is around 1.9 km.

So which way is the best to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge - starting in Manhattan oder starting in Brooklyn? As me and the bf wanted to have the view at the Skyline of Manhattan we've chosen the second possibility. Unfortunately, we didn't have more time to explore Brooklyn instead of the way from the subway station to the Brooklyn Bridge, but hey - you always need reasons why you have to go back on holidays, don't you? :-)

This garage door lay on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge and I have to say the painting is really amazing and definitely worth a picture. Because of so many construction areas near the bridge, it was quite hard for us to find the staircase and we may have walked a little loop way - but at the end we finally arrived, that's the important thing. :-D
The route is split in two parts, one way for the pedestrians and one way for bicycle riders. For cars there are six lanes one level lower. Depening on the amount of people walking over the bridge it can be really crowded and hard to pass through but if you are a little bit patient, you will find your time to take pictures of the beautiful skyline and / or a nice selfie. :-)
We've started our tour in the afternoon but I can imagine that if you start in the evening during sunset time, your view at the skyline will be even more beautiful.
For sure, we found many love locks, in my opinion one of the best places to immortalize your love - yes there might be a romantic streak speaking out of me. ;-)
I really want to show you the following picture. I like it very much, because the skyline reflects in my sunglasses.
It was a really nice to walk over the bridge and don't forget to look backwards the one time or another and take a look at Brooklyn itself. 

Visiting the Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is possibly the most known emblem of New York City. The statue is made of iron, it's 102 m high and it weighs more than 250 tons. In the left hand, the statue holds the american declaration of independence of the year 1776. On the right hand, the statue holds the 'Miss Liberty', a torch with a golden flame.
If you want you can visit Ellis Island and crest the top of the statue to have a view at the skyline of Manhattan or you can just visit her by the ferry and admire her watching from the river.
We've chosen two boat trips to visit the Statue of Liberty. Both trips were included in our New York Pass (That I really recommend for a visit in NYC. Let me know if you want to know more about it and its benefits.) 
The first one was a trip during lunchtime during that I've taken the picture above. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy on this afternoon and the pictures are not really presentable. ;-)
The second trip was called 'Staute of Liberty by Night'. It was organized by the Circle Line and we had a little glass of champagne for free - so Cheers to the Statue of Liberty! :-D
During both trips there was a guide telling historical facts about the statue, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel, New York itself, about everything that you saw during the trip. It was really interesting and I've learned a lot. For example, why the Statue of Liberty has a green color. First, its color was in a copper shade. Becoming green, people first thought this was a kind of morbid infestation, until they figured out that because of the oxidation occured a green patina. Finally, it came to the decision not to restore the statue but to let her green.

This was definitely the best evening I had in New York City. During sunset the view at the Statue of Liberty and also at the skyline was incredible. The pictures express the atmosphere not exactly like I've lived it but I like to give you an impression of the amazing time I had during the boat trip. I definitely recommend a boat trip to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Did you visit the Statue of Liberty or did you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? What are your experiences and recommendations? 
Share it in the comments, I would be really happy to know it! :-)



  1. I love all your pictures! What a great experience! :D

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, it was a really great time. Have you ever been to NYC?