Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Must-Have Nail Polishes for Summer 2015

Hey guys,

for me summer is this time of the year when you spend as much time as you can outside in the sunshine or enjoying mild summer evenings on the balcony. 

I also love having a picnic or a barbecue with friends as well as enjoying a nice cocktail at the beach. The perfect time for wearing nice summer outfits and a fresh manicure as well as a fresh pedicure as you probably wear sandals.
Summer season brings me in the mood to use bright and eye-catching nail polishes and I'd like to share with you my most used nail polish colors this year.
Bright Pink
There's no summer season without an eye-catching pink shade. This jazzy, energic color gives me this lively mood and it pimps every outfit, less appropriate for more serious events, but perfect for a fresh and trendy summer look. My fave is from Maybelline New York the color 'Pink Volt' (190).

Gentle Pink
A creamy, shimmery and gentle pink is indispensable in my summer must-have choice. The 'Flamingo Pink' (170) shade from Maybelline New York seems so elegant and chic giving the nails a quite romantic look. It's a refreshing color being also suitable for more festive occasions.
Creamy Nude
Gentle nude shades complete every season. In summertime I prefer a shimmery shade, highlighting my manicure but being also classically beautiful. The Manhattan M Collection 'Mc Dreamy' (004) shade is my most favorite in the nude class. 

Pure Blue
It has taken a long time until I've found the perfect summer-blue-shade for me and finally, I found it from Astor Fashion Studio 'River by Night' (291). The color reminds me at mild warm evenings, going by ship along a river, surrounded by romantic city lights while enjoying life.
Light Green
A fresh, light green shade is also indispensable for me and here I go with the Maybelline New York 'Lime it Up' (660). Didn't I just say at the beginning that I love having a picnic? That's exactly the mood I get in choosing this color - having a beautiful, relaxed time with lovely people.

Glitter Pimps it up
No season without a glitter top coat! When I'm not in the mood to apply a glitter top coat on every finger nail, I only apply it on one or two fingers at each hand. In my opinion this gives your manicure a good and creative variation. The top coat 'Kitch Me If You Can' from Catrice is not only my choice in summer - this glitter top coat is an allrounder!

My manicure tip:

I use a cuticle cream before I apply the nail polish and I let it soak in up to half an hour. This nourishes the cuticle and makes it smooth and free from roughness. Usually, I apply two layers of nail polish and I finish using a top coat. That makes the nail polish last longer before it starts to chip off the nails. After applying the top coat, I make sure to wait minimum half a hour again to be sure that the layers are dry. 
Seems like a lot of time, doesn't it? Don't worry, you don't have to sit there waiting for a hour and being bored. ;-) Combine your manicure / pedicure for example while watching a movie - this will safe a lot of time! :-)

I'm constantly varying my manicure / pedicure nail polishes and love experimenting with different color combinations. 

By the way, every of the mentioned nail polishes lasts up to a week and they are all easy to apply. The 'Mc Dreamy' and the 'River By Night' shades need the longest to dry but that's a thing you can handle once you know it.
Which nail polish colors are your favorites for summer?
I love to read your faves in the comments!



  1. All these polishes look beautiful! I really want to go out and buy a few polishes now! :D

  2. Thank you! I'm happy that you like it :-) Which color do you like for summer?

  3. Very fun and bright colors ,perfect for summer!
    xoxo Antonella

    1. Thank you! =) Which color do you like the most for summer?