Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My USA Haul and Hello ScienceMeetsStyle at YouTube

Hey guys,
for sure I've done some shopping in the states - which woman doesn't do that? ;-)

Having a little habit while visting other cities or countries, I always buy a magnet and a +Starbucks Coffee cup! I do not collect Starbucks cups given to me by friends or familiy. I own only Starbucks cups from cities to where I've been myself. That's the rule! :-)
For me it was a really big thing giving this talk at the conference and visiting the States for the first time. My whole life, I had this wish to visit Northamerica so I decided to offer a present from me to myself -  the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses! I am so happy with them! :-)
The sunglass bag doesn't come with the Ray Ban sunglasses. I've bought it in Toronto for another pair of sunglasses that I own. I like this golden and shimmery color. The bag is also very flat, fitting perfectly into my handbag.
The Converse shoes were also on my 'to buy'-list for a long time. Because they are more expensive in Germany, I waited until I'm finally in the states. I like this dark blue color. What do you think?
I saw the #selfie top in the gift shop at Madame Tussauds in NYC. People who know me, know that I love making selfies. So, let's say this shirt is quite perfect for me. ;-)
Not to forget, I've bought makeup at Sephora. I think I've spent two hours shopping in Sephora. We don't have it in Germany and they sell so many brands there that are also not available in Germany, that the visit there was for me quite like being in wonderland. I did a review on the +NARS Cosmetics foundation. So if you are interested in it, check it out! :-) 
The +tarte cosmetics mascara and the +Urban Decay Cosmetics makeup setting spray were also a great purchase. The mascara gives my lashes volume and length, what I really like. The makeup setting spray feels light on the skin and makes your makeup last the whole day - like it promises. :-)
So if you want to see more details, check out my video on my YouTube channel. 
Wondering, why I've started making videos?  I explain it in the video! I hope you like it! Let me know!

Where is your most favorite place to go shopping? Where can you spend several hours of time? :-)


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