Sunday, June 28, 2015

What's in my Everyday Makeup Bag

Hey guys,

in this post I show you what's inside my everyday makeup bag. I'm always interested in the most favorite or the most used procuts of other women and I'd like to share mine with you.
To create my everyday makeup look I've a basis choice of products in a bag with that I vary my 'face of the day'. For sure, I own a lot more makeup products like shown in the pictures - I'm a beauty addicted woman. ;-)
Let's take a closer look at my most used products at the moment.

Foundation & Concealer

The L'Oréal Indefectible 24H-MATT makeup (20 Sand, ca.13€) and the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Makeup (030 Sand, ca.7€) are my two favorite foundations. Both give your face a matte look, what I really like. Even if my skin is a little bit shiny, both foundations cover it and let my skin look smooth. The matte effect is a little bit stronger using the L'Orèal foundation and in comparison to the Maybelline mousse, the foundation feels a little bit heavier on the skin but still not too heavy. I apply the L'Oréal foundation first with a beauty blender before I use a face brush to blend it more into the skin. For the Maybelline mousse, I use my hands.
The L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream Stick (light to medium skin, ca.10€) works for my nearly as an alternative for a concealer. I use it after I've applied my foundation to cover more some irregularities, redness, or this stuff women have during this time of the month - you know.^^ 


My absolutley favorite powder is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (oh yes, again this thing with the 'matte' look ;)) and you can clearly see how much I've used it. Unfortunately Rimmel isn't available in Germany any more - who knows why? - so I order it at It's around 6€ and for me the shade 'transparent' works very well. The L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Powder (light skin, ca.7€) is just as well useful as everyday powder. It's shade is a little bit darker as the transparent one from Rimmel (for sure, because this is transparent ;)) but anyhow the BB Powder gives my skin a very natural finish.

Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

At the moment, the Artdeco Emilio di la Morena (ca.20€) blush works the best for me. I like to mix all three colors before applying it onto my cheekbones. In my opinion, the color is perfect for spring and summer time.
For contouring and highlighting I use the Manhattan Matt Bronzing Powder (light, ca.5€) and the Catrice Pure Shimmer Highlighter (ca.5€). I don't use them every day, that really depends on my mood. But if I like to apply a highlighter or a bronzer I use one of them.

Eyebrows & Eye Makeup

For my eyebrows I use an eyebrow pencil (02 brown, ca. 2€) and the lash & brow gel (ca. 2-3€) from Essence. I'm not the biggest fan of using a pencil for my eyebrows, generally I prefer using a brush and a powder - but - in the morning I'm faster with the pencil - that's the only reason. :-) The gel helps my eyebrows to stay in place all day. I really see a difference without the gel, then my eyebrows do what they want - so thanks the gel exists! 

The L'Oréal La Palette Nude was available at the end of May this year in the german drugstores and I thought it's perfect for travelling because the packaging is very small and light. You have a choice of then colors, six matte and four shimmery shades giving you several options for creating a nude everyday eye makeup. If you like you can also create an evening look with the shades. 
The pigmentation is good and also blending works very well. Personally, I do not like the little brush  that comes with the palette so much. I use it here and there but in case your on the run, it helps you applying the eyeshadow - so it's fine. :-) With the Manhattan Kohl Eyeliner (black, ca. 5€) I like to highlight my eye makeup more.


The favorite part in my face to apply makeup on are my lashes. If you would ask me that I have to chose one makeup product without that I can't live I'd answer - mascara!
The L'Oréal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara (black, ca.10 €) and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (black, ca.10 €) give both length and volume to my lashes. The Miss Manga mascara lets the lashes glue more together, because it should create this japanese manga look but it's not so much that it would bother me. In comparison, I like the Maybelline mascara more for my lower lashline.


For my lips I prefer a nude color as everyday look. The Astor Color Last VIP Lipstick of the Heidi Klum Collection (Sweety 002, ca.6€) and the Zoeva Lip Crayon (Second Chance ca.7€) are perfect for a nude and everyday look. The Astor lipstick is a little bit more matte whereas the Zoeva lip crayon is more shiny - so I decide depending on my mood and for sure my outfit which one I use.

Which one are your favorite products for an everyday makeup look?
Leave me a comment or send me a picture, I'd be happy to know it!


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