Friday, March 6, 2015

Zoeva Cosmetics:
Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette - The Princess Palette

Hey guys,
oh my gosh - do you know what happend?

My absolute favorite brand +ZoevaCosmetics came out with a new eyeshadow palette in my absolute favorite color rosegold! How great is that! 
The palette is called 'Rose Golden' with the apposition 'The Princess Palette.'
The Rose Golden palette is available since 23th of February in the Zoeva Online Shop(*) for 17.50 €.
While stocks last Zoeva adds two samples of eyeshadow primer, 'Pearl' and 'Matte'. The sample 'Pearl' is recommended as base for shimmery eyeshadows or as a highlighter on the brow bone while the primer 'Matte' is recommended as base for matte eyeshadows.

The design of the 'Rose Golden' palette

The palette is equally designed like all previous eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva. It comes in a light and flat packaging with a magnetic closure.
The base color of the package is medium brown. In the middle of the lid is a rosegold-hued key whereat the key bit is designed with the capital letters R and G of 'Rose Golden'. The key itself is surrounded by also rosegold-hued ornaments.
Opening the cover you discover ten different shades (10 x 1.5gr / 10 x 0.05oz). 

The shades of the 'Rose Golden' palette

Except for three matte colors (Luster, Harmony, Wonder Full), the palette comes with shimmery shades. Especially the two duochrome colors 'Just a Rose' and 'Golden Rule' catched my eye. Depending on how the light falls on them they shimmer in a different shade.

Luster - a matte very light taupe tone
Reflective Elegance - a champagne tone with a light rose shimmer
Copper is King - a shimmery coppery shade
Shining Bright - a shimmery mixture of a light purple tone with a hint of dusky pink
Rusty Petals - a dark purple base tone with a brown shimmer

Foil - a light brown-taupe mixture with silver-colored sprinkles
Just a Rose - a shimmery and warm rose shade with a light gold-hue
Golden Rule - a shimmery gold shade with a green base tone
Harmony - a matte taupe-grey tone
Wonder Full -  a matte dark brown tone

My opinion on the Zoeva Rose Golden palette

My personal opinion is as expected positive. 
I like the brown-rosegold colored design very much and as typical for Zoeva the palette tells a story. This palette, also called 'The Princess Palette', tells the story of a gentle and elegant woman. It makes fun expressing to be a confident and feminine character by creating an eye-catching eye-makeup. As well the names of the shades confirm the story.

The quality of the ten shades is great. I applied the swatches without an eyeshadow base and as you can see in the pictures above, the pigmentation is amazing. All colors are very soft and they blend well. Especially the color 'Shining Bright' is beautifully soft.

I like that the darkest shade is a deep brown tone and not a black color. The brown color matches very well with the other colors of the palette and it completes the whole shade-collection.
Personally, as highligther, I would have preferred a lighter color instead of 'Luster'. But I think that's a point for which you can find a remedy - like using another Zoeva palette. ;-)

Looking at the palette, the whole collection of warm and elegant colors match so well together. Every time I look at them, I'm fascinated how beautiful these colors are. The two duochrome shades 'Just a Rose' and 'Golden Rule' really payed my attention. It's great that when you apply one of these colors on your lid, you have a second color applied, too! ;-)
In conclusion, the quality is Zoeva-standard and I can honestly say that this palette is my absolutely favorite one of all. I'm excited to create my individual eye-makeup looks and to let my creativity out! :-)

Do you like the colors of the Zoeva Rose Golden palette?