Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hot or Not? Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Makeup

Hey guys,

Maybelline came out with a new makeup - the fluid Dream Wonder Nude Makeup. And who couldn't wait to try it? Yes, me! Let's go on!

I was curious about the product and especially about the very fluid consistency. My expectations were based on what Maybelline says:
'The highly concentrated formula is 12 times thinner in comparison to other foundations. The foundation fuses extremely delicate with the skin and leaves a silky finish. With the unique Dream Wonder Nude applicator, the application is very precise that you see a natural result on your skin without any mask effect.'

The makeup comes in a bottle with a screw cap and a volume of 20 ml. It's available in the drugstore for around 10 €. Of 12 entire shades, there are five available in Germany:

10 Ivory - 20 Cameo - 30 Sand - 40 Fawn - 48 Sun Beige

The application of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Makeup
What attracted my attention is the dropper that you use for applying the foundation onto your skin.
After shaking the bottle, the foundation can be applied directly on the skin using the applicator. Afterwards, the makeup can be blended accurately by using the hands or a beauty blender. 
My opinion on the Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Makeup
For my skin I've chosen the shade 30 Sand. Having a light skin color, I always have to take the lightest shade of makeup apart from the shades of Maybelline. They are quite bright, so I can go for darker shades. Firstly, I was quite doubtful if the shade is really suitable for my skin, but in my opinion the nuance fits perfectly for me.
The makeup doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin. It feels really comfortable as if you don't wear makeup at all what reminds me of the Maybelline BB Cream. The consistency is really fluid what for my previous use is quite unusal. But I think that this aqueous consistence confirms the very light wearing comfort. 

For application, I had to get used to the applicator. I'm not sure if you can really dose the amount of foundation better in comparison to other foundations, like mousse or cream consistencies. Personally, I still prefer foundation bottles with a pump mechanism or tubes. For blending, a beauty blender or a foundation brush is my fave. Using my hands for applying foundation gives me the feeling that too much of the product stays on my hands.
Concerning coverage, the foundation gives you a really natural look and lets your skin look smooth, even if the tiny impurities are not completely covered. So if you have a 'bad skin day', I'd recommend to use additionally a concealer or a foundation primer. ;-)
In general, I would say that it's worth to buy the Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Makeup if you want to have a foundation giving you a very natural look. I use it for example for work, where I do not wear heavy makeup looks or for some other day-to-day events. For night-outs or similar festivities, I'd not use it.

Do you like fluid foundations like the Maybelline Wonder Nude Makeup? If not, what is your favorite consistency?



  1. Very lovely post dear:)
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    1. Thank you very much :-) That makes me happy! =)

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    1. Thank you very much! I'm very happy that you like my post.
      Do you like Maybelline products?

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