Friday, April 10, 2015

Big News: Conference Talk, Toronto, NYC

Hey guys,

do you remember my first post of 2015? I've told you about my weekend-relationship.

Things are changing, so I'm moving back to the shared flat with my boyfriend! I'm really excited. For a quite long time, I've thought about if I should really move back and commuting again?!
Finally, I've decided on it. There were several reasons, on the one hand I was tired of organizing two kind of lifestyles what let me feel under pressure. On the other hand I was sick of having these completely stressful weekends. When you are only at home for two days there are so many things to plan and organize in such a short time that no free time for yourself remains.
So this is my point of view, I'm sure that there are a lot of people going well with this kind of lifestyle but my life situation at the moment doesn't allow me to do this.

As physisict I've learned that when you want to characterize an experiment, first of all it's important to change only one parameter to identify clearly the potential correlations. Transferring this behaviour to my personal lifestyle I can say: If I want to figure out how to be happier again, I'll move back to me and my boyfriends flat. The difference to my lifestyle situation before living in two flats is that I'll now go by car to work, whereas before I've traveled by train.

Going by car gives me the chance to decide on my own if I'll stay five minutes longer at work or not, whereas going by train gave me a time limit. If something unexpected happend at work that would have let me stayed longer I couldn't make it because 'I had to catch my train and hurry up. So I'm sure this change now will let me feel much more relaxed! :-)

Concerning work, amazing stuff happend. I'm allowed to present my work in a talk at a really big, international conference. The conference takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in June. Guys, you can't believe how excited I am. I've never been to any place outside of Europe before and I've never flight more than one hour. Additionally, I have the opportunity to extend my stay overseas. I've decided to stay one week longer and to visit New York City. Whoop, whoop!
I still can't believe, that I'll stand with both feet on American ground this year. I've dreamt for so long of me visting NYC.
My first travel essentials.
And, there's more to it than that. My boyfriend will come along with me! Yaay!
Have I mentioned that I still can't believe......? ;-)

So, until then there's a lot of work to do like preparing my talk, preparing our NYC visit, booking all the hotels and applying for all necessary documents.

Until now I can say that the year 2015 seems to be very turbulent and exciting. Let's see what happens!
Have you ever visited NYC? Do you have any recommendations for me like which things do to, where to go shopping, where to have dinner/breakfast/lunch? I'd be very glad about your help!


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