Friday, May 15, 2015

What I got for my Birthday 2015

Hello everybody,

I hope you all feel well and ready for summer to come.
In April, we've had some nice and warm days here in Germany also on my birthday that was at the end of April.
Things getting more organized after I've moved back to me and my boyfriends flat at the end of March and I'm finding more time to get back to my loved hobby.

I'd like to show you my birthday presents - I must have been a very nice girl - they are all so amazing! 

If you've read my last post telling you that I've big news , you know that I'll visit New York City very soon. My amazing boyfriend and his family offered me a sightseeing flight in New York. I'm so excited. I've once been flying with a  helicopter  when I was around seven years old in Hungary together with my mum. I do not remember so much but what I'll never forget is this feeling that I've had being in the air. So I can't wait to do this again!
Having mentioned my move and the fact that I sit every day around two hours in the car, my friends gave me some audiobooks, making driving less boring.

Another gift from friends are these stylish headphones from Sony. I've chosen them before my birthday and put them on my wish list. They are over-ears and very comfortable. The sound is great and even if you hear loud music, your environment will not be disturbed by the sound. Additionally, I love the color! I'm a women, the color is a very important fact! ;-)
One present from my parents is this necklace. It has a classy style and I think it will fit perfectly with my sheat dress that I'll wear for my conference talk in June. It's my first necklace that fits so tight around the neck so I have to get used to it but anyhow, I like it very much.
The next present I'd like to show you is this funny bag. When I unpacked the present I was like  - OK, what is this? - I really had no idea. :-)  My friends explained me that this is a lunchbox that you can close by folding. Since I'm taking every day my lunch with me to work, this is a really great idea. The material is washable what's useful if anything drops inside the bag. 
Aaaand, you can imagine - I love the color and the design - it's so funny!
For pampering, I got several gift cards from Douglas(*), I am(*), Rituals(*), a shower mousse and a small sun lotion what's great for travelling. I can't wait to go shopping! :-D
Can you spot this cute little sheep  - I named her Paula - it was a selfmade gift from my colleagues. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm in love with my sheep - stuffed animal and now, I'm in love with both!
You know, I love +HARIBO Deutschland ! Giving me some gummy bears, I can't resist! ;-)
One gummy bear-present is arranged in a Sushi style. This is really funny because it comes with two chopsticks. As I love gummy bears and Sushi - what a great combo! 
I also got a bottle of champagne and a set for baking cakepops. I think, that calls for a girls night!!! :-D
Last but not least, I got some vouchers for +Vapiano that you can see on the left side. On the right side I've added a picutre of a pasta meal that I've eaten with my parents when they came to visit me for my birthday. So if you do not know Vapiano, you get an idea of how the food looks like. Their system is quite different to those of other restaurants, because you are not served by a waiter. You have to serve yourself like in a canteen. It may be sad when you are there with friends and you do not have the chance to eat all together because some may still be waiting in the line for their food. That's a fact you have to take into account. But, the food is prepared directly in front of your eyes, ensuring freshness.
Do you guys like Vapiano? Do you like the atmosphere there and the food?

Thanks to my family and friends for offerening me these amazing gifts and for knowing me so well!
I am really happy and thankful!

And thank you for celebrating this day with me!


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