Thursday, May 21, 2015

Street Food Festival Mainz

Hi everybody,

I've heard a lot about Street Food Festivals in the internet and finally, last weekend there was one in my hometown.

So, off we go!

I've been there with my boyfriend and two friends. In front of the entrance was a long queue - many hungry people waiting to try all different kinds of food.

Inside, there were so many different food stands that we didn't know where to start. So we've decided to walk once over the market to get an overview of all the eating possibilities before deciding what to buy.

There where Lebanese, Serbian, Asian, French, African, ...,  food and different kind of desserts like marshmallows, cupackes, maccarons and ├ęclairs. Mostly, you could find different burgers, topped with the most creative things, like a combination of caramelized pork with mango chutney.
Also, a huge choice of vegatarian, vegan, low-carb, gluten-free and lactose-free food could be found.
Yeast dough burger with tofu or pork (top) and amazing toppings (right), healthy pizza with dough made of chia seeds and flax seeds (bottom).
Cidre steak (top), burger variations (bottom) and Korean burger (right).
Variations of healthy juices (top) and desserts like banana bread (bottom).

For eating and catch-ups with your friends, there were some chill-out areas designed of wood palettes. This quite self-made style impressed me very much. I think it's a really great idea that you can easily recreate for yourself and you will have many, many seats for your guests at your party! :-)
The chill-out area.
Here I've got some pictures for you of the food that we've tasted.
Yeast dough burger with tofu (left), ramen burger with beef (middle) and sweet potato fries with tomato-chili-dip (right)*.
Tacos with salad and meat*.
Not to forget some sweet desserts.
Marshmallows with four different tastes (peanut butter, lemon, chocolate, caramelized bacon, top)* and fried dough filled with apple and almonds (bottom)*.
I've the impression that it's quite a trend to organize Street Food Festivals. There will be two markets again this summer in Mainz. Occasionally, I'll visit one market again. It was an interesting expericence to go there. The portions were quite small giving you the chance to try a lot of different food. Unfortunately, the deals were quite expensive considering the portion size.
Even if I wasn't so happy with my yeast dough burger, I really liked the ramen burger and the sweet potato fries (the tacos I didn't try).

So finally, I can say it was worth the visit and I can't wait to try other food creations again!

Did you visit a Street Food Festival? Did you like it?


*: Thanks to my friend for allowing me to post the pictures.

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