Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

Hey guys,

do you like Valentine's day and do you celebrate it?

Personally, I don't attach so much importance to the day because I think that you can show your love every day of the year how much you love him/her. My boyfriend and I don't make a gift to each other, but we always spend the day together in case it's possible.

But sometimes I'm in the mood to prepare some special treats because I like being creative and I like to make people smile.

I've chosen some cute Valentine's day ideas that I want to show you.

1. Patch Cake

For this you bake two cakes, exactley the same recipe with the addition that you color one dough red. When the red cake comes out of the oven and is cooled down you can slice it and cut heart shapes out. You can use a shape like you do for baking christmas cookies. 
Next, fill your cake pan partly with the non-colored dough, set the red heart shapes along the cake pan, fill it up with the leftover dough and put it in the oven again. 
After cooling down, you can put come chocolate coating on the cake like I did.
Slice the cake and you have your finished result! 
Not all slices looked so good like these in the following pictures. At some parts of the cake the hearts slided from the bottom to the top of the cake - I don't know why. ;) 
Anyhow, I think this looks amazing and is a really cute cake to eat with your love on Valentine's day!

2. Granola Cookies

This tasty snack idea is really easy to make. You roast some granola and mix it with butter and honey that you get a sticky mixture. Use the heart shapes again and fill them up with granola on a prepared baking sheet covered with baking paper. Put everything in the freezer for around 15 minutes and enjoy your snacks with berries, yogurt, whipped cream or whatever you like! :-)

3. Fortune Cookies

Who doesn't like reading the little messages in the fortune cookies after an asian dinner? With this idea you can write little messages and notes for your love. You just need some paper and small notes, that's all. Cut circles out of the paper and prepare your little messages. I've used one of my +Starbucks Coffee cups as pattern for the circles because they have a relatively huge diameter. 
Take the notes and start folding the fortune cookies like in the picture below. Take the first three to five cookies as test cookies until you are practised enough. I left the paper with the butterflies out because it was too thin. I recommend using thick paper for folding the cookies. It will be much easier.
Put all fortune cookies in a nice box and make your sweetheart happy!
I hope you like these ideas. If you try some, send me a picture. I'm excited to see yours!

What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Do you have presents for your sweetheart?



  1. Great ideas! You really put a lot of effort into this, I like it. :)))

    1. Thank you! I really had a lot of fun preparing these little treats. :-)