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ZOEVA Cosmetics: Smoky Palette and Rodeo Belle Palette Review

Hey guys,

well, if you have read my review on the +ZoevaCosmetics Rose Golden Luxury Set, you know that I'm a huge fan of the brand. I've mentioned that you will soon see the other products and here they are! Recently, I've bought two eyeshadow palettes, 'Smoky' and 'Rodeo Belle'. 

The design of the Zoeva palettes

Each palettes comes with ten different shades (10 x 1.5gr / 10 x 0.05oz). While the 'Smoky' palette includes dark and intensive colours, the 'Rodeo Belle' palette includes wild and feminine shades.
The packaging is very light and flat having a magnetic closure. There is neither a mirror at the inside of the palette, nor an eyeshadow brush included. So take this into account, especially when you are travelling. Both palettes are available at the Zoeva Shop(*) for 17.50 € each.

The shades of the 'Smoky' palette

The 'Smoky' palette drew my interest because of the mixture of smoky and dark shades as well as lighter shades, including base colours, blenders and highlighters.
The inside of the cap shows a sign and the words 'I can resist anything except temptation' under it. This expression describes the story of the palette so well! I think of a women with a breathtaking appearance, seeming inapproachable but unbelievably attractive and interesting. Having a glamorous, elegant and self-confident look. It's this kind of feminine behaviour a man wants to approach but if he comes to close, he will be rejected immediately.
The single eyeshadow colour names confirm the story content even more - let's take a look:

Believe the Moon - a matte light cream-coloured shade
Sleep to Dark - a matte taupe-grey tone
Soul Searching - a metallic silver-grey shade
Sweet Smell - a matte warm brown shade
Dark Edge - a dark grey shade with a gold-tone pigmentation, appearing dark green
Dust & Memories - a matte rusty rose-hued shade
Smkoy Wishes - a matte nougat-brown shade
Elegant Chaos - a matte and dark purple shade
Ashes Awake - a matte dark brown-grey shade
Real Light - a very dark and matte black shade

The shades of the 'Rodeo Belle' palette

As I looked for the first time at the shades, I was wondering about this unusual color combination. The shades in the upper row are mainly warm and neutral, except of the intense red, while the shades in the lower row are quite cool and partly dark. Having a second look at the shades, I was really excited about the palette. Just because the color composition seems so unfamiliar I was convinced to buy it.
'Rodeo Belle' tells a story about the 'Wild West', indicated by the Cowgirl at the inside of the cap and the words 'Enjoy your Show' under it. I imagine an attractive woman, a cowgirl, entering a saloon while all men sitting inside stop breathing, swallow up their whiskey and dropping their cigars. And the cowgirl - she enjoys having all eyes on her!
Here again, the names of the shades confirm the story of the cowgirl in the wild west. Let's look closer at them: 
Early Sunrise - a matte cream-coloured shade
Rodeo Ready - a brown cream-coloured shade with a very light golden shimmer
Cactus Flower - a matte rose shade
Western Diva - a brown colour with golden-shimmery sprinkles
Bang Bang -  a very intense red shade with a light shimmer
Yee Haw! - a metallic blue shade
Hot Wind - a metallic light green tone
Smoking Gun - a shimmery and matallic mixture of silver and grey
Day Money - a matte and dark blue-grey mixture
Deadshot - a dark blue-black mixture with red-shimmery sprinkles

My opinion on the 'Smoky' and 'Rodeo Belle' palettes

Generally, I like both palettes. With each one you have the possibility to create a really individual and eye-catching look, either smoky or wild. Both come with a good variation of different shades, allowing to put all your creativity on your unique and feminine appearance.
The pigmentation is great, even without using an eyeshadow primer. So it's not necessary to put several layers of eyeshadow on your eyelid for having a nice coverage. The shades last the whole day and the blending is very good.

Personally, I prefer using the palettes for special occasions, like night-out events or other festivities. But aside from that, you can also create an every-day makeup look with them. With these colours you will always be an eye-catcher.
The 'Rodeo Belle' shades (top) and the 'Smoky' shades (bottom).
Additionally, the packaging is very light and therefore great for travelling. You have a great colour variation in your travel bag without carrying too much weight. Yippie! ;-)

The fact that every palette tells a story, reminds me of the typical Zoeva-words 'Color.Love.Makeup.'.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend buying the palettes. The price is unbeatable for the great quality and you can be sure that every created eye-makeup look will be a success. So, go on, tell your own story and create your individual eye-makeup expressing your imagined look. :-)

Do you have a Zoeva eyeshadow palette? If yes, which one do you have and do you like it?


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