Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meeting Alex Goot and Luke Conard

Hey guys,

last friday was the day for that I've waited nearly three years!
I've been to the +alexgoot concert in Frankfurt, Germany, whoop whoop!

In October last year he announced his Europe Tour in January 2015 and who ordered directly two V.I.P tickets? Yes, me, Van! :-)

The tickets included a V.I.P. tour pass, a meet + greet with Alex, a polaroid taken with him, a signed poster and access to the soundcheck of the band.

One hour before the official entrance the V.I.P.s were allowed to enter the location. It was a quite small room with a familar stage.

I was a little bit nervous because everything felt quite surreal. I mean, watching YouTube videos of Alex over years, listening to his songs for ages and suddenly he stands in front of you and you can say 'Hi'. That's great! :-)

Altough the band had a long trip from Austria in the afternoon and they arrived a bit late at the location, Alex took his time to meet every single V.I.P. without having a stressed attitude. There was time for hugs, taking polaroids and selfies and asking some questions. I asked him if he likes Germany. He answered 'Yes' and admitted that he's really impressed of all the food in their wardrobe. :-D Yes, we german people know how to host our special guests! :-)

Alex was really friendly and open minded. It was a pleasure talking to him and we had really fun taking some photos. It was like you were talking to a good bro.
Me, being a huge fan of his glasses, announced before the show that I'll buy his glasses at the merchandise - and I did. Look...

There's no Alex Goot concert without wearing the 'Goot' glasses!
I've worn them during the whole concert, the day after the concert, the day after ... ^^ No, I'm not crazy, don't worry, just kidding... ;)

And of course I've bought the Tour T-Shirt. By the way, I love the pink colour on the front.
+lukeconard  was the support of Alex. He did a great show before the concert started. I've watched a lot of his +YouTube videos, especially his vlogs and I was excited that he came along with Alex to Europe. After his support he announced that he will do a meet + greet after the show for 'free hugs and a high five' and he kept his word. It was absolutely nice meeting Luke - he is a really lovely person.
During the show I was standing in the second line, directly in front of the stage. I've never been so close to the stage on a concert. That was really impressive.
In summary, the concert lasted nearly 1.5 hs. Luke performed around 20 mins and Alex around one hour, a bit more. They played 12 songs and some bonuses. It was a mixture of Alex' originals songs and some of his 'Songs I wish wrote' series.

But there's one thing the band had forgotton. At the beginning of the show they announced a selfie of the band with us fans in the background, whoops...
I think that means they have absolutely to come back to Germany to catch up on the selfie! :-D

Anyhow, at the end of the evening I was a happy 'V.I.P. Alex Goot Europe Tour'-girl with a Tour T-Shirt, 'Goot' glasses and a smile on my face.

Thank you Alex and Luke for the great show, the time you've taken to meet your fans and for leaving the amazing memories of the evening!

Have you guys ever met one of your favorite musicians? If yes, who was it?


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