Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holidays in Amsterdam

Hey guys,

last week I was on holidays in Amsterdam. I really, really love this city (and I'm so sad that I had to leave) !!!!

Exploring the city, I got my first impressions of this impulsive, lively atmosphere. The streets are full of people (including a higher amount of bicycle drivers ;) ) and there are restaurants, cafés and bars side by side. You can choose your food of the nationality you prefer most, italian, chinese, argentinian, brazilian, american, english... (or you go to a Coffeeshop, if you prefer this - but I didn't ;) ). BUT.... the first most exciting thing I found was - a BEN and JERRYS SCOOP BAR! Oh my gosh! I've never been to one before because there's none in Germany so I HAD TO STOP THERE!!!! I've chosen Chunky Monkey and it was like a orgasm of taste!!! Please Germany, please, please, please open a Ben and Jerry's scoop bar!!!
On a monday evening there are so many people walking around as you don't see in Germany during the week. Everybody was enyoing the still nice, warm weather outside of the bars, talking, relaxing and just having fun.

Obviously, I cannot visit a city without checking out the shopping places ( you'll find a haul here on this blog during the following days) and I have to complain again.... ;) Germany, why don't you have such great stores like Brandy Melville, All Saints, Topshop, Forever 21 (ok there are one or two but still not enough ;) ), Abercrombie and Fitch and - did I mention - Ben and Jerrys ? ;)
In short, I really love the shopping places in the Netherlands, concerning clothes, shoes and makeup because you have such a great choise of whatever you want. Apart from makeup, which is much more expensive than in Germany, the prices of clothes etc are comparable.

One thing I have to tell you... I went to Starbucks several times (mainly for a pumpkin spiced latte because  -  yeah you can imagine - they don't sell it in the stores I vistit regularly) and ordered once a café latte. The guy behind the counter had his first time success creating a leaf on the milk foam and he was so happy and proud. It was so much fun looking at him because he was so excited and showed his colleagues his leaf that I had to take a picture of it! =)

There are a lot of small sewers in the whole city (here I should mention that Amsterdam is build on wooden piers) where you can book a boat trip by day or by night for sightseeing. I've chosen the trip at night because I wanted to see all the illuminated bridges which seemed so romantic.

In general all buildings are very high and narrow, constructed of brick stones that gave Amsterdam it's characteristic appearance and flair.
Because there are so many bicycle drivers in the city, you find chained bicycles whereever you look. But the drivers are not very pedestrian friendly and you really have to pay attention not being knocked down by one of them. ;)
Mentioned the lively character of the city, there's the Vondelpark where you can relax and avoid all the trouble if you'd like. Large, green meadows invite for reading a book outside, having a barbecue with friends, jogging or just having a walk.

One big disadvantage of the city are the overpriced park fees. There's really no place where you can park for free. You have the best parking situation when you chose a P+R for 8 € per day, instead of paying 20 € per day on regular parking places. 

One day I went off to the beach near Zandvoort. The sun was shining and it was such a perfect day there! From Amsterdam it was only around half a hour by car. I really miss having the opportunity to go to the beach here in Germany where I live. You can rest there, calm down and just relax. (Later in time, when I've grown-up, I want to have a holiday house near the beach - absolutely!!! ;) )
Summarized, I loved the city and I really can imaging living there. I enjoyed every minute I had in this great, gorgeous town and I can't wait to visit Amsterdam a second time.
I have my holidays in great memories and the best thing.... I'm such a lucky person that I've spend this wonderful time with the love of my life!
Have you ever been to Amsterdam?



  1. I really wanted to go there summer just gone! Will have to go next year! Always read such good things!

    1. Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit, or two, or three... ;) Have lots of fun when you go there =)