Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who is Van ?

Hey guys, I'm Van:
 I'm 26 years old german girl. I've studied physics and I've finished university in summer 2013. At the moment I'm working on my PhD thesis in medical physics and - what nobody knows - I love beauty and fashion! 

In this blog I'm sharing my thoughts and expericences of make-up products and fashion with you
You can get to know me better reading my lifestyle posts, delivering insight in my exploration of the world. 

Additionally, I pay heed to healthy food with that I like to experiment a lot. So let's also share some food-ideas together! 

I hope you have fun reading my blog and I would be very happy if you leave any comments on my posts. :-)


Small Declaration:
I'm no native english speaker but I try to do my very best to avoid grammar mistakes. Since I'm a human being, I'll make grammar and / or expression mistakes. I'd be happy receiving feedback if I do so. I'm always working to improve my english. 

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